Project Description

Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

We provide top-of-the-line structural steel fabrication services, including plate work, shearing, punching and drilling, and laser cutting. We can help you from A to Z in your project from procurement of materials, engineering, producing shop drawings and equipment rentals. Our structural steel fabrication process is enhanced by their extensive quality control methods that help eliminate delays and lost time.

Save money by purchasing your steel joists from us! We will provide you with stamped engineered joist drawings and fabricate open web steel joists per your project requirement with a significantly reduced cost and lead time from Canam and other competitors!

We are diligent when it comes to safety and enforce the highest standards with our workers and coworkers. Everybody is well versed in all safety protocols, especially when it comes to rigging and moving heavy loads with a crane.

We are capable of taking on virtually any residential, commercial or industrial fabrication project, ranging in scale and complexity. Our projects have included steel framing for factories, commercial buildings, houses, storefronts, and architectural steel work.

Typical Projects

  • Joist design and fabrication
  • Expansions of existing facilities
  • New construction
  • Existing Building reinforcement
  • Structural Framing
  • Stairs and Fire Escapes
  • Deck and Joist Installation
  • Sliding Gates and Fences
  • Architectural Designs

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